CDP is a not-for-profit organization. To deliver our services at the necessary global scale we require a small contribution towards our costs from both companies and requesting authorities participating in our system.

There is an annual administrative fee for companies responding to one or more of our investor requests on climate change, forests or water security.

The fee applies to companies listed, incorporated or headquartered in specific countries/regions. Please visit our dedicated Admin fee FAQ page for more details on the fee. Fee applies to companies requested by Investors, RE100 and NZAM initiative.

Your company will be exempt from the fee if:

1) it falls within one of CDP’s investor samples and it has not submitted a response to any of CDP’s questionnaires in the last three years, or
(2) it is responding only to a request from your customer(s) and/or Bank(s).

You can check if the fee applies to your company when you sign in to your corporate dashboard to disclose. If it does apply, you will automatically be prompted to pay the fee by credit card or to request an invoice when submitting your response(s) through our Online Response System (ORS).

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