After submission, your response will be in “view only” format. You may reopen a response you have submitted before the deadline (27 July 2022). To do so you must notify us that you wish to re-open and amend your response by 13 July 2022. You must resubmit your response by the deadline for your response to be eligible for scoring.

From 14 July 2022, amendments to submitted responses can only be made by CDP staff and at our discretion and we may charge a fee for making them. Most amendments to your response will be made from 4 October 2022 at the earliest.

Please note that the final date for requesting an amendment is 30 November 2022 and any changes you request to your submitted response from 14 July 2022 may not be reflected in any score, report, data product or other analysis or use of your response. Please contact My Support for more information about amending your response.

Amendments can only be processed for a defined period of time after submission. Once this date has passed, it will not be possible to amend submitted questionnaires in our systems. It is not possible for historic questionnaires to be amended.

An amendment fee may be charged for amending your questionnaire after submission. Please see CDP’s corporate response amendment policy and CDP’s amendment form for more information on the fees and process.

Once completed, please submit your form via the Help Center by selecting "Questionnaire response" as the category and "Amend my response" as the sub-category of your query. 

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