Who is requesting my environmental data via CDP?

Stakeholders are increasingly requesting environmental information through CDP, including Investors, large purchasing organizations (“customers”), Banks (“lenders”), and membership/initiatives such as RE100 and NZAM. This data is used by these stakeholders to inform decisions and drive environmental action.

In 2021, CDP launched a new pilot program for private market investors, in line with the growing focus of financial institutions on portfolio emissions or scope 3 for financial institutions. This enables both private equity, private debt investors to engage with their portfolio companies on standardized environmental disclosure through CDP.

For 2022, CDP is continuing to run the Private Markets pilot for investors. You can view which stakeholders are requesting your organization’s disclosure via your dashboard.

To read more about the stakeholders who request disclosure, how they use data, or for more information on how to become a requesting stakeholder, please view our CDP investor signatories and CDP supply chain member pages.

How is it different than other CDP requests?

The CDP Private Markets request is currently being piloted with select investors, both private equity and debt investors.

  • Companies are requested to report through a customized questionnaire developed for private companies.
  • Company disclosure is not scored.
  • The disclosure cycle will run from September to October 2022

My organization already responded to CDP in 2022 at the request of our corporate customer. Do we need to complete the questionnaire again?

If you have already submitted a response to the CDP Climate Change questionnaire in 2022, then you do not have to complete the private markets questionnaire. Please sign in to your dashboard to grant permission for your private market investors to access your climate change response for 2022.

Do we need to pay the admin fee to disclose?

No, there is no admin fee required from companies responding to the CDP Private Markets Questionnaire. 

What information am I being asked to disclose?

The private markets questionnaire provides a customized set of metrics that enable standardized and uniform disclosures on environmental information from private companies. This includes TCFD aligned modules on governance, risks and opportunity management, emissions disclosure and related targets.

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